I travel for work and have owned both ALEON and RIMOWA. Most this information can be found on their website but this is my experience.

2 luggage manufacturers booth dealing in aluminum luggage. We’ll compare one of the most popular luggage sizes the 21″ carry on and the Original Cabin 21′”.

ALEON  being founded in 2015 only focusing on selling aluminum luggage. ALEON is a USA company in Davis California.

RIMOWA was founded in 1898 and is based in Germany. They sell a few different types of luggage

These 2 luggage giants provided very stylish luggage with a unique style. Where here to tell you which luggage will take the crown and where you should spend your money. I have owned luggage from both companies and will break down the pros and cons of each luggage. Also, giving you a side by side comparison.

ALEON Classic Carry on 21″

First, off we will start with pricing. You can get this awesome piece of luggage for only $699. Where the Rimowa is $1,050. ALEON will stand behind their luggage for 10 years.  The case is made from one solid piece of aluminum, making it sturdier than its counterpart. With piano hinges, the case will never bend when opened. ALEON doesn’t round the corners giving you more packing room than most aluminum sets as they like to round their corner.  All 4 corners are doubled reinforced, keeping your case protected during any rough movement. The wheel transfer is smooth and will roll nicely on the carpet as well. I’ve never used compression boards properly, but the team at ALEON made sure I was familiar with their luggage before letting me go. Keeping in mind, I ordered online. By using the compression board, I could pack more by taking the pressure off the locks. This particular case has 5 colors: silver, Black, Blue, Red, and Bronze.


Pro’s of ALEON Luggage

  • Solid Aluminum Frame
  • Pricing is lower than the competition
  • Comes with a 10-year Warranty
  • Lightweight  10.6 LBS



  • You have to send in your luggage if it needs repairing as they repair it at the warehouse.

RIMOWA Original Cabin 21″

RIMOWA luggage comes in at the double the price of ALEON’s luggage at $1,050 for this piece. RIMOWA will back their luggage for half the time ALEON will for 5 years. The interior is cotton, so it’s harder to clean. They don’t have a solid frame and only offer aluminum on the outside. The bottom of the luggage corners is plastic, but it comes with 2 TSA locks, just like ALEON.  This is lighter than ALEON by one pound at 9.5 LBS.  It rolls nice, but if over-packed, the case will bend, which they offer a belt for $270. To me, this is just an expensive piece of luggage that limits cost by just getting by.


  • Lighter Than ALEON
  •  Multiwheel System
  • Outside is aluminum
  •  100 In-store repair


  • Price is higher
  • Needs add ons to function properly
  • Not a solid piece of aluminum
  • the lining is cotton which isn’t water repellant

The Winner

ALEON is our choice. If you are going to get better service and a quality product with a company to stand behind it, why spend more?  If you want to shop ALEON, here is the link to their carry-on luggage. It turns out we aren’t the only ones who feel like that. Reviews for RIMOWA are hard to find. ALEON posts their reviews. Here are a few. You can find more reviews online.  I haven’t regretted making the switch from RIMOWA to ALEON, and you won’t either.


Kelly M.  

April 11, 2019

I don’t usually write reviews, but I felt compelled to say a quick thank you to Aleon. I own a 17” under seat in Aluminum, a 21” Classic in Sapphire, and a 2 26” Classics in Ruby and Sapphire. They have all served us well for both work and pleasure.

Recently the wheel broke on the 21” piece(old flaw since fixed in new designs), and no sooner had I completed the online warranty form, that I received a call from Jerry in Customer Service. He explained that unfortunately the case couldn’t be repaired, but that they would ship out a new case ASAP. This level of customer service is almost unheard of in this day and age, and I was blown away. I did a lot of research before I took the plunge and purchased my first piece last year. My only regret was not purchasing these cases sooner!

If you are on the fence about Aleon, I urge you to check out their products. The quality beats or exceeds luggage 3 times the price, and their customer service and quick response is priceless.

Thanks again, Aleon for producing a great line of cases and for the World Class Customer Service. It is greatly appreciated!



Well…….they’ve done it again. I was so impressed (as were my co-workers) with the Aleon’s 16″ under the seat briefcase that I bought their 17.7 x 16.6 x 6.7 inches model……….it’s cavernous. I reached out to Aleon directly to help me with my decision and was overwhelmed with their interest in learning about how I intended to use the case so I would purchase just the right one. Additionally, they expedited the shipment so I could enjoy the product on an upcoming business trip. The only down side is I now feel like a chump for paying twice the price in the past for a Rimowa which tracks like it’s been drinking on the plane.


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