The molle panel system is a type of panel that can be used to mount a rifle, ammunition accessories, and other gear. The panels are often seen in the military and law enforcement but have become popular among civilians as well. Let’s explore why!


What is a molle panel and what does it do

A molle panel is a type of panel that takes molle webbing. The panels sold on are designed to be placed in the back of your seat, trunk, dashboard, center console, cases, or safes. You can mount them anywhere you can imagine really.

They are set up to hold rifles, handguns, and accessory that has become popular for people who love to shoot or get their gear organized and off the ground. This system has been around for a while now, originally used by military and law enforcement. You can find these panels on any number of items nowadays, from backpacks to rifle cases and the back of a seat.

The molle panel allows you to carry extra mags or any gear for quick access during shooting practice, hunting trips, or day-to-day travel. It’s also good for hikers, climbers, campers, and other outdoorsmen who need easy access to their gear quickly. These panels are especially helpful if you have more than one firearm or need to transport your firearm more often.


How to set one up.

The nice thing about a molle panel is there really is no wrong way to use it. However, I’ll provide some examples of how others have set them up to give you ideas.


It is important to remember that a molle panel is a valuable tool for storing and carrying your ammo/ gear. It has been used by military personnel, law enforcement officers, and avid outdoor enthusiasts for this reason.

A rigid molle panel system consists of a long, wide strip of material fashioned from a hardened plastic with machine cuts in rows and columns to take molle webbing. The loops are aligned so that they can be filled up with “P” clips or similar fasteners which can be used to attach various accessories to the molle belt’s webbing structure.

The benefits of using the molle panel system for civilians and law enforcement officers

The benefits of using the molle panel system for civilians and law enforcement officers are that it is easily customizable, durable, convenient, and cost-effective. This system is useful for storing your gear when you are hiking or camping. It also provides a means of transporting your ammo to the range in one easy carry-all pouch. The molle panels can be purchased at

Where can you get a panel, and how much does one cost


The molle panels are both lightweight and compact, which makes them an excellent choice for storage. They can be easily attached to any pack by hooking the loops on the back of the panel onto the hooks on the exterior of the pack. is one of many companies that sells molle panels. Prices range from $60-$250 depending on size and style needed.

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