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All too often military, law enforcement, first responders, outdoor sports athletes, ranchers, hunters, and other firearm owners rummage through a duffel bag or backpack searching for their gear. We find it hard to grab anything at a moment’s notice, as our equipment is piled on top of other pieces making it hard to find. Thankfully we’ve found an answer.

The solution to this problem is a tactical rigid molle panel (RMP) that is customizable for the user. Numerous mounts are available for the gun owner with several types of rifles and handguns, but in this article, I’ll share information for an AR15.

When mounting an AR15 to a rigid molle panel, security and quick release are two prominent factors for us to consider. The portability of the backseat rifle mount is also a consideration when we have a need to switch vehicles. We’ll take a look at each aspect mentioned, plus add in a few tips on accessories.

Secure Rifle Vehicle Mount

Security is important for anyone carrying firearms in a vehicle. A rigid molle panel can strap onto a seat and be easily locked to the metal frame at the base of the seat. More importantly, the attachment process doesn’t require any power tools for the drilling or cutting of the vehicle.

The panel can be easily secured in a manner that doesn’t alter the vehicle in any way. Several mounts are available that can also be secured using simple tools like a screwdriver.

The Raptor Picatinny Mount, which works well with an AR15, can easily be secure to an RMP. Plus, it can be double secured with the built-in locking mechanism and a key. The mount has a silver pin at its base that, when pushed in, locks the auto-locking mechanism. To release the lock, a provided key must be inserted and turned to reengage the release mechanism.

Quick Release AR15 Vehicle Mount

We’ve found that the Raptor Picatinny Mount is one of the easiest mounts to install on a rigid molle panel and only takes one second to release the rifle—important at critical times.

The Raptor Picatinny rail lock comes with an easy-to-install mounting kit. Included are two rigid male plates that mount on the backside of the molle panel. When in position, the quick-release mount can be positioned on the front side directly over the four holes in the plates. Four tamper-proof security screws, with a standard Phillips head, are provided to secure the mount to the plates.

The mount and lock secure the AR15 using auto-locking technology. By simply pressing the Picatinny rail into the mount and then releasing the pressure, the firearm is locked-in. A confirming click can be heard. To release the firearm, once again we push the Picatinny rail toward the mount to disengage the lock and then pull back on the firearm to release it.

When security isn’t an issue, but access speed is, quick fist clamps can be used for an AR15. Backer plates are set into a punchout from the backside. Then screws can be passed through the quick fist rubber clamp and screwed into the backer plates. The only concern is making sure the correct size clamp is purchased to hold the AR 15.

Portable Rigid Molle Panel

The back seat rifle mount is portable with a strap on its side to carry the equipment-loaded, mobile panel mount like a briefcase. When placed in the vehicle, the vertical panel can be attached to seats with either removable headrests or fixed headrests.

Vehicles with removable headrests can use the black D-ring headrest-post mounting straps. The molle panel will also have a 48″ bottom-strap for securing the panel to the metal base of the vehicle’s seat. Vehicles with non-removable headrests require a molle panel with loop-around mounting straps.

There are several types of molle panels to select from and some include a Master Lock® adjustable 5/16″ python locking cable to secure the panel to the base of the vehicle seat.

Time Saving Organization

When in the field, speed of access can be critical. A molle panel gives us quick access to our gear while keeping everything organized for action. We no longer have to worry about items being hidden in a bag under other gear or the loose equipment getting entangled—allowing us to take the unencumbered action necessary.

A rigid molle panel gives us the opportunity to customize how we layout our gear for easy access and decreased reaction time. By mounting the molle panel on the back of the front passenger seat, the driver can quickly reach for a gun positioned on the left side of the panel. The full panel is more easily reached from the backseat.

Heavy Duty Holds Up

The biggest concern for those who require extra gear or tools to be added to the RMP is that of bowing or tensile strength. The Rigid Molle Tactical Panel takes advantage of Glass Reinforced Polymers to beef up its load capacity while keeping it flat against the back of the seat.

The Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is a composite of a plastic resin with glass fibers. The plastic resists compression and the glass fibers resist tensile forces.

In other words, the panel is light in weight and high in mechanical strength. It resists chemicals, corrosion, and UV radiation. The panel also provides temperature stability and is environmentally friendly. Overall, the product holds a long life expectancy.

In practical terms, we’ve found that the frame is strong enough to keep extra gear and tools attached without bowing while being flexible enough to handle rough terrain.

The 15.25 in. x 25 in. frame is stiff and lighter in weight. By using the GRP we avoid the concerns brought about by metal frames facing corrosion or damaged gear from being bumped in uneven terrain. The weight capacity also increases to add on magazines, a knife, flashlight, molle pouch, and more.

Concealed for Safety

When circumstances require guns and gear to be concealed within a vehicle, RMP covers are available in numerous sizes. The casing is made with a reinforced elastic rim to secure around the back of the RMP. Dual heavy-duty pull handles provide for quick removal.

The cover material is designed with enough material depth to conceal all equipment attached to the RMP. Should the backseat panel not be hidden enough to be safe, then consideration should be given to the trunk or smaller under-seat panels.

Other Accessories

For those who depend on numerous types and sizes of accessories, all of the rigid molle panels can be upgraded for hook-backed pouches and morale patches using adhesive-backed Velcro loop tape. We found that the 1” low-profile loop with an adhesive backing works best. Here are the steps we used:

  1. Clean the panel with alcohol wipes and wait until it is completely dry
  2. Take the loop side of the tape and peel the backing off to reveal the adhesive
  3. Press the adhesive side of the loop section firmly onto the panel
  4. Press again using a rolling pin or a heavy object to ensure full contact
  5. Apply heat from a hairdryer to liquefy the adhesive to run into the panel (This can also be done with 3M Primer 94 to prepare the surface before pressing the tape on it)
  6. Attach the gear to the adhered Velcro strip

The fundamental purpose of cleaning the surface is to make sure that the strips, under rugged circumstances, don’t separate the equipment from the panel. To make sure all is secure, this process doesn’t take much time or effort to add peace of mind and an extra ounce of security.

AR15 Vehicle Mount Simplified

Life for AR15 owners is simplified when the right equipment facilitates security, quick access, and portability between vehicles. The Glass Reinforced Plastic rigid molle panels are not only environmentally friendly with a long life expectancy, but provide a significant weight capacity for customization of all our gear.

Add cool accessories to these great panels like quick removal concealment covers and we have a solution that will outlast our needs. Not to mention having access to a great AR15 vehicle mount.

An RMP makes us confident, knowing that our gear is organized and easily accessible no matter what critical situation we face. No matter what type of customization is needed, there are several options to choose from. It’s time to purchase a backseat molle panel today.

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