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15.25 X 25 RMP™ Molle Panel For Vehicles 

Compatible with all vehicle seatbacks
Universal MOLLE Compatibility
Weather + Sag Resistant Construction


rifle mounted onto molle panel with locking keeping it secure to the car and rifle locked, with molle pouches and medical supplies

What Is a MOLLE Panel and How Do You Use One?

Whether you are an avid outdoorsman, a hunter, a competition shooter, or an officer serving in the line of duty, how you store your gear is critical for success and safety.

Keeping your gear and tools organized and accessible at all times is incredibly important. It’s not just a nice thought for keeping your gear closet at home clean.

Staying organized could mean the difference between success and failure in the field during moments of opportunity. They could also mean the difference between safety and injury, or even life and death, depending on the environment you are in.

The MOLLE panel is the tried and true method of keeping your equipment organized in any setting. Maybe you’ve heard of gear being MOLLE compatible, or maybe you are unfamiliar with the term.

Either way, those who prioritize safety and convenience in the outdoors need to be using MOLLE in one of its many variations. So what exactly is a molle panel, and how are they used? Keep reading to find out.

The Importance of Functional Packs and Storage

Long gone are the days when being messy and unorganized was cool. In today’s complex society, and especially in survival situations, staying organized is critical.

We have many different types of gear we use on a regular basis. Most of us carry some type of pack with us to work.

Those who spend a lot of time outdoors hunting, fishing, or backpacking have gear specifically for that. Many people require access to specific tools and weapons on the job, whether in the military, law enforcement, security, or even in construction or many other industries.

In order to have a productive and safe day, we need to carry our gear with us. But it also needs to be organized, so that at a moment’s notice we can grab the exact tool we need.

That might mean a hunter being able to access their optics, ammo, or animal-calls. It might mean someone on the job needing a specific tool to stop an emergency leak.

Or it might mean a law enforcement office or soldier having easy access to weapons on the line of duty.

Whatever it is for you, you have to keep your gear organized. That’s where the MOLLE panel comes into place. It’s the industry standard for staying organized at home, on the field, or anywhere in between.

What is a MOLLE Panel?

MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It’s an organizational grid commonly used on backpacks or vests.

It allows you to attach and hold many different pieces of gear. This makes gear far more accessible than stuffing them into a backpack, which is often how you lose gear.

The grid itself, usually made of nylon, is called PALS, or Pouch Attachment Ladder System. PALS grids are often on the front of a backpack, allowing you to add smaller packs and pouches to the larger pack, increasing your carrying capacity.

MOLLE compatible pouches and packs are those with straps that can snake through the ladder grids on the panel. Securing these straps to the grid holds the additional item in place.

This is where the modular functionality comes from. You can adjust your packs to carry as much gear as required for a specific event, then change it up to a different setup next time.

Originally designed for use in the military, MOLLE panels offer far more functionality than simply attaching smaller pouches to your back, though that’s important.

But before digging into all the different ways you can use a MOLLE system, let’s take a look at the different types of panels available today.

Types of MOLLE Panels

You can find MOLLE panels made of different types of materials, depending on the functionality you are looking for. Here are the most common types of MOLLE panels.

MOLLE Materials

Traditionally, MOLLE panels have been made of nylon and stitched onto soft goods such as packs and vests. Those looking to add nylon panels to existing packs can purchase a DIY MOLLE panel to sew onto their packs.

You can also use a MOLLE velcro panel on packs. Some may come with velcro, or you can add velcro separately.

Today you can also get rigid MOLLE panels (RMP) which are made of an HDPE polymer. This provides a stiffer panel capable of holding much heavier gear than nylon webbing.

A rigid molle panel can be installed in a vehicle, gun case, or garage to hold heavier gear like firearms without sagging.

MOLLE Panels

Most of the time, you’ll see a MOLLE back panel on the outside of a pack. They typically take up the entire front panel of the backpack, giving you a fair bit of space to add pouches and hang gear. Some packs may also have smaller rows of MOLLE webbing on the sides of the bottoms of a pack.

Many boutique pack makers these days are also implementing MOLLE elements on their packs. Whether a small waist bag or a full-sized backpack for hiking, biking, or taking to the office, individual rows of PALS are often sewn onto the pack.

This makes it easy to attach smaller MOLLE compatible items and pouches. It also allows users to clip on small items like bike lights, carabiners, water bottles, hats, and anything else you can think of.

You can find vests equipped with MOLLE webbing for tactical purposes or hunting

And you can purchase standalone MOLLE panels, either soft or rigid for a variety of uses. Once you start using MOLLE on your pack, it makes sense to use it everywhere, since you’ll be getting MOLLE compatible gear.

How to Use a MOLLE Panel

There are truly hundreds of ways you can effectively use a MOLLE system to optimize your setup. From home organization to recreation, on the job, or on the line of duty, there is no shortage of use for the most effective organizational system.


The primary use for MOLLE systems is with backpacks. A large panel on the pack allows you to customize your pack for your current needs.

Your core pack contains your everyday carry (EDC) items that you take everywhere. You can then have separate pouches for different types of gear, swapping them out as needed.

This modularity makes it perfect for using one pack to go to work, then go for a hike adding your hiking gear.

You can have additional pouches or packs for other recreational gear such as climbing gear, bike supplies, camp essentials, and more.

You can also purchase a rigid MOLLE panel insert that you can affix to the inside of your back. If you have a clamshell-style bag or one where you can completely open the front of the bag, it works very well to keep your items organized.

On the Trail

When you are out for a hike, whether a short day hike or a week-long wilderness excursion, a MOLLE pack will be your best friend.

It’s helpful to have ample opportunity to hang frequently used items on your pack. You can also tie or clip-on wet or dirty items so they don’t soil your backup layers or sleeping bag.

At Home

Once you start using the MOLLE system on the go, you’re going to have a ton of gear that can easily work with the grid. You might as well start using it at home to store your gear.

You can install individual panels in your garage, shed, workshop, or closets. Now you can stock up on tactical supplies, tools, and recreational gear, keeping it all organized and out of the way.

In Your Cooler, Tool Box, or Case

You probably have a few cases or coolers that you take with you when camping or to a job site. You can install a case panel in order to secure your most used items or tools, or the small items that are easy to lose.

This will save you time and a lot of frustration when out in the field. They work very well with Pelican cases or similar hard cases.

Inside a Gun Safe

Our Rigid MOLLE Panels are perfectly suited for installation inside a gun safe. The tough, durable materials prevent sagging when holding heavy firearms.

Rather than storing your shooting essentials in a mess on the bottom of your safe, you can cleanly organize all of your gear and tools inside the door or wall of your safe.

We offer RMP’s specifically for gun safes in multiple sizes.

Inside a Vehicle

Your vehicle is one of the most frequent places you store your gear. Much of it probably lives in there full-time, due to the use you get when you are on the road.

Whether you need to organize hunting gear or tools for work, or Rigid MOLLE Panels for vehicles are easy to install and easier to use. They are also well suited to law enforcement and military vehicles when quick access and secure storage of firearms and supplies are critical.

Our vehicle MOLLE panels attach to the back of car seats using mounting straps and buckles. No permanent hardware is required, and they won’t damage your vehicle.

On Duty

MOLLE is originally a military designed and used system. So it’s no surprise that much of the gear the military uses today comes with MOLLE functionality. From packs to tactical vests, everything they carry can support MOLLE compatible items.

Be More Effective In the Field

The MOLLE system is the most efficient way of storing your gear, hands down. There’s a reason why the military uses it.

If you are looking for ways to optimize your gear setup, getting a MOLLE panel, MOLLE inserts, or MOLLE equipped backpack is the perfect starting point.

We carry a ton of Rigid MOLLE Panels for any type of use or activity. Check out our most popular types of panels here so you can be more effective in the field.

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