Our rigid molle panel is a universal molle compatibility and is designed to be used as a molle panel backpack insert. That will give you optimal customization for everyday carry or just quick and easy access to your gear or a pistol that you can attach to the rigid molle panel (RMP series backpack edition).

Rigid molle panel

What is a molle board?

A rigid molle panel is a piece of equipment that allows the user to attach gear to it using the Molle system. This panel can be used as a backpack insert to provide additional customization and organization to the user’s backpack. Additionally, the panel can also be used as a platform to attach a pistol for easy access.

What are molle panels made from?

Made from High-density polyethylene the molle bode is the current generation of being the load-bearing for gear and equipment for personal use and is slowly being added into the military because of its popularity in the public.

Internal molle webbing


What is internal molle webbing?

Internal molle webbing is a system of straps and clips that allows the user to attach gear to their backpack. This system provides a way to securely attach equipment to the backpack and keep it in place. Additionally, the molle panel backpack allows the user to customize their backpack to better meet their needs.

Backpack insert

The molle panel backpack will fit into any interior dimensions equal to the panel dimensions. Just measure the backpack inside to get the measurements. It is the quickest DIY molle panel that is out there that will add rigidity and work as a vertical organizational platform to customizing your gear.

Universal molle compatibility

The molle panel backpack is a standard molle panel that you would see on any gear. So it will attach any webbing.

Most people will attach the molle panel to the hydration bladder loop or just let it sit upright. You can also do an adhesive-backed velcro panel and attach it to any velcro you have.

For a better bond get an alcohol wipe and clean the molle panel while getting the velcro adhesive and apply heat while pressing firmly. This will give it a better bond and fit betting in the bag while preventing ripping and adding rigidity. You are able to put in any desired location and it will even work for a vehicle seat. This rule will enable optimal customization

Mounting options

adhesive-backed loop

belt loop

Elastic straps

D rings


Molle panel Attachments/ rigid molle panel accessories

You can find the accessories here.

Weapon mounts Gear mounts Molle Pouches Fasteners



First aid kit

Morale patches

Mount Pistols

Mount Rifles


Backpacks gear



Everyday carry

Emergency kits

You can get quickly reorganized and quickly redesign your pouches to whatever you want.


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