Tactical Panels

The Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE (RIP-M) works for every warrior who is looking to organize their operations gear. With the Tactical Panels you will be saving minutes on respond time. By keeping all your tactical gear in one place your able to get into action with in seconds. Grab your plate carrier, gun holster and take your tactical assault gear where ever you drive.

These Tactical Panels take everyday carry (EDC) to a whole new level. Being able to take your tactical gear with you where ever you go just makes one 10 times more prepared. Put up anything that you will need. Now this doesn’t limit to just tactical. You will be able to attach camping, bush-crafting and what ever your mind can create.  You will be able to fin all the Tactical panels (RIP-M) accessory in the accessories category. Please leave your reviews on all product as it will help others in choosing out what fits their needs

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