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3M Dual Lock Adhesive


Backed Fastener – Industrial Strength – 1ft


-One side is SJ3870 250 stem density 3M  Dual Lock

-Other side is SJ3871 400 stem density 3M Dual Lock

-Sold by the linear foot

-1 inch wide

-Each linear foot comes with 1 Alcohol Prep Pad

-Rated for up to 15lbs Adhesion


Refund notice

Adhesive backed Industrial Strength 3M Dual Lock Adhesive Backed Fastener sold by the linear foot. After consulting with 3M Engineers, the best combination for strength and adhesion was SJ3870 250 stem density Dual Lock attached to the SJ3871 400 stem Dual Lock. Backed with peel and stick acrylic adhesive best used on low surface energy plastics such as HDPE and Polypropylene (Pelican cases etc).

Comes with both 400 and 250 stem sides, both sides have peel and stick adhesive backing.

Can be used to secure the Rigid MOLLE Panels to Pelican Case lids, vehicle plastic panels, glass windows, metal tool boxes, other Plastic storage bins. Use included Alcohol Prep Pad to clean surface before applying peel and stick adhesive.


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