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42.25 X 13 RMP™


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Trunk Lid Molle Panel

The RMP for Tesla Model X Front Trunk Hood Interior is designed to be a customize-able MOLLE panel that can be mounted to the Front Trunk Hood Interior of a Tesla Model X using hardware or using back to back Hook and Loop strips. This panel was developed with the help of Model X owner and aficionado Duane from California. Duane had contacted GMT to make a specific size panel to maximize the space on the Front Trunk after successfully using one of our standard rectangular RMPs for this use. With the newly designed larger panel in production we received this email which confirms that exactly what Duane is looking to do with a RMP is essential for the prepared citizen:

You will be happy to know your molle panel allowed me to possibly save a motorcyclist and my family’s life as I was able to quickly dispatch flairs, flashlights, and reflectors the second a motorcyclist went down at 85mph right in front of my car.  I literally came inches from crushing him but luckily my brakes were able to slow us down faster than he was tumbling.  The second we came to a stop I was able to grab flares, reflectors and flashlights, possibly averting a full speed rear end crash, as the accident occurred in the middle of the night and nobody could really see.  Luckily everyone avoided crashing into us as I focused on the cyclist.  Even more lucky he was unharmed but in the event he had trauma injuries I would have been prepared for that as well.  😉
That morning my wife actually snickered at my emergency trauma kits, flairs, etc.  as I packed up for our road trip to Tahoe.  No more snickering from her and she actually thanks you as well.
I love my car but your accessory has upped my level of love.  I can’t wait for the full sized panel!
Tesla Model X Front Trunk Hood Interior Organization panel Rigid MOLLE Panel
Duane’s use of a 21.25in x 13in RMP on the interior of his hood inspiring the full size panel. The 42.25in x 13in will provide much greater mounting area for even more life saving or road hazard equipment.

(Accessories in photos are used for illustration only and are not included).


Width: 42.25″ (1,073.15mm)

Height: 13″ (330.2mm)

Thickness: 0.188″ (4.77mm)

Material: High Strength Polyethylene

Weight: 40 ounces each (1,133.98 grams)


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