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46″ Long Case (1.5mm)



  • An Aleon Aluminum case comes with over 30-years of experience fabricating aluminum.
  • Lighter weight than traditional plastic (ABS/PP/PE) cases, on average about 30% lighter.
  • Substantially lower shipping and transportation costs.
  • Ability to produce custom size, shape, and configuration of cases at far lower minimum quantities (As low as 100-piece minimums) and lower die/mold costs.
  • Makes a better presentation for protecting, traveling, and carrying premium products.
  • Adds to the perceived value of the product(s) inside the case.
  • Offers a higher level of security to carrying arms and expensive equipment, unlike plastic cases that are recognized as carrying such products.
  • Every Aleon Aluminum case has a continuous rubber seal making the case weather and dustproof.
  • Aluminum cases offer the ability to modify closures, locks, handles, and wheels to meet the needs of the buyer.
  • Aluminum cases are naturally RFID blocking and are biodegradable making them the best option for sustainability. 
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