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Buckle D-Ring RMP Straps™ [Headrest Post]

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Buckle D-Ring RMP Straps™ [Headrest Post]

Buckle D-Ring RMP Straps™ enable you to fasten your RMP™ to any vehicle seat with a removable headrest. These heavy duty RMP Straps™ are built for carrying a loaded RMP™ into combat, on patrol, through the backcountry or to soccer practice. The D-Rings slide over the headrest posts while the MIL-SPEC rated nylon webbing laces through the 1” slots of your RMP. The MIL-SPEC rated buckles enable you to easily fasten your RMP to your vehicle seat and then quickly release your RMP™ at a moments notice.




Purchase our Buckle Loop-Around RMP Strap™ Black [Seat Bottom] to secure the bottom of your RMP™ to the bottom of your vehicle seat.

Purchase our RMP Strap™ Elastic Keeper to help secure loose ends of nylon webbing.




TOTAL STRAP LENGTH 12″ (30.48 cm)

MALE STRAP LENGTH 4.5″ (11.43 cm)

FEMALE STRAP LENGTH 8.5″ (21.59 cm)

WEIGHT 1.2 oz each (34 grams)

MATERIALS MIL-SPEC Nylon, MIL-SPEC Virgin Acetal Plastic

BRAND Grey Man Tactical™





Installation Video


Extended Installation Video

For Seats with Removable Headrests – D-Ring Top Straps:

– Lace Female Buckle strap through any punch out on panel, pass strap end up through front of buckle body, then back down through the back side of buckle body. Cinch down on loose end to tighten up.

– The option to remove headrest allows you to use “D-Ring” styles straps.

– Available in standard sewn side-release buckle version or in “Push Button – D-Ring Head Rest Post Strap” versions.

– Remove headrest, slip D-Ring strap on each headrest post, replace headrest into seat. Secure the loose end of the D-Ring straps to the top of the RMP.

– Loop the longer Bottom strap around the base of the seat and secure to the RMP on both sides on bottom of panel.

– Tighten to desired fit.

– Optionally lock the RMP panel by passing a cable lock through one of the holes or rectangular punch outs on the RMP panel and then loop through the metal base of the vehicle seat to lock it to vehicle.


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