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Carry / Pull Handle – 1 Inch

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This Carry / Pull handle follows the K.I.S.S. strategy. Minimal size / weight, no fuss, does its job of giving you a good grab point to pull Rigid MOLLE Panels out of a bag, or a good carry handle to transport heavier seat back panels loaded down with gear to/from your vehicle.

We made sure to source fully MIL-SPEC 1 inch webbing, reinforced with a box stitch, and MIL-SPEC Tri-Glide sliders to ensure you have a system you can trust.

(Pictured RIP-M panel, accessories, and guns not included)


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Webbing: 1 inch MIL-SPEC webbing with reinforcing box stitch

Tri-Glide Adjusters: MIL-SPEC rated (virgin Acetal plastic molded) tri-glides.


Length is measured as length of strap cut. Overall length once mounted slightly shorter due to routing strap through panel and tri-glides. To shorten, cut with scissors and singe/sear cut edge with a flame or hot surface to prevent unraveling.

Length: 16″

Width: 1″


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