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Emberlit Original Stainless Stove




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Emberlit Stainless Steel Stove

The EmberLit Stainless Steel Stove Original weighs less than 11.3 oz (320 g). When you compare that to a full canister of fuel and burner, the difference in weight is astounding! The stainless steel camping stove  EmberLit is impervious to corrosion and is remarkably strong. This camping or backpacking stove will hold the weight of any pot or pan that will sit securely without wobble. Like the rest of the EmberLit line, this wood burning stove comes with a lifetime guarantee because you are never going to wear it out. With use, the individual panels that make up the EmberLit may take on a slight warp. This is normal and doesn’t affect the assembly or durability of the stove. Great for backyard smores, camping, backpacking, canoeing, motorcycle/bicycle touring, river running, bushcrafting, wilderness survival, and disaster preparation. Made in the USA!

Emberlit Stainless Steel Stove Control Burn

Why carry more weight when you have a Stove that will collapse flat and take up no space. That’s one of the best features of this stove, light weight durable and folds flat for easy carry. With the whole forest as a fuel source it makes no sense to carry gas or propane. However if you need a candle or different types of fuel can be placed in the center for convince The holes around the bottom of the stove let air flow fuel the fire as it helps cook your food. There is a drop pan on all stoves making it a control burn. That way you will be able to take this stove to all national parks and forest. The stove that wont run out on you when others will. Emberlit Stainless Steel Stove.

Dimensions and weights:

Weight 11.3 oz. (320g)
Base 4” square (10cm)
Top 3.5” square (9cm)
Height 6” (15cm)


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