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Fireant Stainless Stove

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Fireant Stainless Stove

The new Emberlit FireAnt Stainless Stove re-defines the ultra-light, collapsible, wood burning stove. Also the Stove weights in at 6.5 oz and packs completely flat for easy storage. Making it a gear option for a wood burning stove. You’ll actually be happy to have this Ant in your pack. Making this stove super easy to pack and use for any bug out bags. Super easy to use, just set up the stove. Then start a fire and start feeding the fuel and cook your food or water. Enjoy.

Fireant Stainless Stove Burn Options

The FireAnt has the ability  to integrate with alcohol stoves like Trangia or Esbit. Even comes with a tray for efficiently using solid fuels such as Esbit or LiveFire. Featherweight, versatile, and convenient. Making this stove one of the best things to have packed in your 72 hour bag. Burn a candle when you don’t have anything else at your disposal  Fireant Stainless stove makes a great option.



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