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LEO Locking Rifle Rack – 15.25 in x 25in


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Universal fit for any vehicle seat back (Two strap types available. Push button straps have D-Rings that headrest posts pass through. Push button base loops around the base of the seat. Standard straps loop around the headrest and base of seat).

Locks to seat base with included Masterlock Python cable lock

Fits most AR-style rifles, shotguns, and bolt action rifles

Law Enforcement Grade SC-6 Locking Rifle Clamp with Electronic button (comes wired to 12V plug-in push button) or #2 Key Release

Aluminum Buttstock Rack (Can be oriented to face left, right, or straight out).

Tactical Molle Panel Dimensions

Panel Material: Glass Reinforced Nylon

Panel Weight: 34.5 ounces each


Height: 25″

Width: 15.25″

Thickness: 0.188″

rigid molle panel

****11-26-2018 UPDATE: This Product page used to be for the HDPE “original” version of the 15.25in x 25in panel. We no longer make this version, and instead all packages will now ship with the upgraded “Heavy Duty” version of the panel. Any references in the reviews to the panel needing more stiffness were referencing the original version, the updated Heavy Duty version is 10x stiffer than the original and does not need the steel stiffener bars.****


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