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25.75 X 15 RMP™



The RIP-M is designed to be a customize-able MOLLE panel that can be mounted inside of a bag, gun safe, case, vehicle, etc to provide quick and organized access to your critical gear.

Designed for Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Shooting Sports, Outdoor Sportsman, and any pursuit requiring essential gear being organized and accessible when the moment is critical. (Accessories in photos are used for illustration only and are not included).

Under the back seat, gun safe organizer


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RMP Pelican 1600 Lid Organizer and Horizontal Cargo Area Gear Panel

– Pre-drilled holes to line up with mounting points in the lid of Pelican Case

– Rigid Panel prevents sagging

– Attach MOLLE style pouches to organize your gear

– Customize with Adhesive Backed Loop to accept Velcro Hook Pouches

– Use GMT backer plates to hard mount accessories

– 0.25″ holes on edge for mounting with screws

– 1″ slots for attaching 1″ Webbing Mounting Straps and Handles

The RMP was designed for the modular organization on a rigid platform that can be secured in the lid, base, or walls of hard side cases among other applications. Quick access to your gear is enhanced by the consistent positioning and customizable layout. Inserted into any hard side case or vehicle, it gives you the tactical ability to organize your mission-critical gear on an interchangeable platform that can be swapped out or quickly reorganized as the mission changes.

Product Specifications

Width: 25.75″ (654.05mm)

Height: 15″ (381mm)

Thickness: 0.188″ (4.77mm)

Material: High Strength Polyethylene

Panel Weight: 25 ounces (708.74 grams)

Vehicle Compatibility

– Compact to Full-Size Cars (Trunk lid or rear seatback which is in trunk space)

– Compact to Full-Size SUVs (Fold-up Rear Seats, Cargo Area Walls)

– Compact to Full-Size Trucks (Fold-up Rear Seats, Cargo Area Walls)


– Helicopters and Aircraft (Cargo Area Walls)

– Boats (Cargo Area Walls)

Securing RMP to Vehicle Seat

For Rear Fold Up Seats

– Loop two or more longer Bottom straps around the base of the seat and secure to the RMP on both sides of the panel. Can be mounted under a flip-up seat base or on flip down rear row seatbacks in the same fashion.

– Tighten to the desired fit.

– Optionally lock the RMP panel bypassing a cable lock through one of the holes or rectangular punch outs on the RMP panel and then loop through the metal base of the vehicle seat to lock it to the vehicle.

For Seats with Exposed Metal Frames (MRAP and Similar)

– If holes on the outside of the panel line up with the metal frame, simply mark where screws/bolts will be on the Metal Seat Frame, drill and tap to accept the screw/bolt of your choice.

– If existing holes on the panel do not line up, mark and drill new holes in the panel to pass mounting hardware through.

– Recommended to Mount panel using Nylon Spacers (5/16″ x 0.25″ID available through GMT) to provide standoff.

Mounting RMP to Pelican Case Lid

Molded Screw Mounting Points:

– Line up the pre-drilled holes on the panel with the molded mounting point and fasten with the “#8 x 1/2″ Pelican Case Mounting Screws”.

– It is recommended to line up the top center hole and fasten with a screw there first.

– If there is a an issue with the holes not lining up perfectly a standard drill with a 0.125″ or similar sized drill bit to create a new mounting hole

Slick Lids with No Molded Screw Mounting Points:

Many models of Pelican Case and other Hard Side protective cases do not have any molded mounting points. In this case, we avoid using screws as it may pierce through the exterior of the case causing damage to the air/water-tight nature of the case. Instead, we specify using 3M Dual Lock adhesive-backed tape (available on our site). In order to adhere to the very slick plastic of the hard side case as well as the RMP, we specify using 3M Primer 94 (not available on our site, Amazon is a reliable source) to prime all surfaces where 3M Dual Lock will adhere.

– Wipe surface to be adhered to (RMP and corresponding surface on Hard Case Lid) with an Alcohol Cleaning Wipe. Allow to completely dry.

– Apply 3M Primer 94 to RMP and Hard Case Lid where 3M Dual Lock will adhere. Allow to tack up per directions supplied with 3M Primer 94.

– Peel and Stick 3M Dual Lock into place, use firm pressure to ensure 100% contact is achieved.

– Allow to dry overnight and then snap RMP panel onto Lid of Case.

Mounting RMP to Safe Door

Mounting to Internal Wood Panel of Safe Door:

– Line up RMP in the desired location.

– Using “Hardware Mounting Kit – Self Drilling Screws with Nylon Spacers” available through GMT slide the Self Drilling Screw through the outside edge holes on the RMP, slide a spacer onto it, and then drill/screw into the wood paneling of the safe door.

– A pilot hole may be drilled if desired prior to applying screws/spacers.

Attaching Quick Fist Gear Clamps

– Set Backer Plate into punch out from the back of panel at the desired location.

– Accessories with multiple backer plates may need the backer plates to be oriented properly for either vertical or horizontal mounting

– Pass screws through rubber Quick Fist Clamp and line up with drilled/tapped hole in the backer plate, secure by screwing into the hole.

– Multiple sizes of Quick Fist Rubber Clamps are available to secure different sized tools.

– The same procedure can be used to attach any accessory that requires backer plates


Attaching MOLLE Pouches

Standard MOLLE Pouch Attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel Tactical Tailor MALICE Clip MOLLE Pouch Attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel Tactical Tailor MALICE Clip MOLLE Pouch Attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel

Maxpedition MOLLE Pouch how to attach to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel WTFix Straps MOLLE pouch attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel WTFix Straps MOLLE Pouch attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel

Duraflex Speed Sticks MOLLE Pouch Attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel Duraflex Speed Sticks MOLLE Pouch attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel Blackhawk Speed Clips MOLLE Pouch Attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel

Blackhawk Speed Clips MOLLE Pouch Attachment to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel G-Code Softshell Scorpion Mag Pouch and RTI Wheel attachment with backer plates to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel G-Code Softshell Scorpion Mag Pouch and RTI Wheel attachment with backer plates to Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel

Upgrading to accept Velcro Hook/Loop Pouches

To upgrade any RMP to accept Hook backed pouches, morale patches, or accessories follow the below steps:

To adhere the Adhesive-backed Velcro Loop tape to your RMP panel:

– Purchase “Low Profile Loop – Adhesive Backed – 1″ Width” from GMT.

– Ensure the panel is cleaned with an alcohol wipe and completely dry.

– Peel the backing off the adhesive-backed velcro tape and place the loop section onto the panel. Press firmly into place, and then press further with a rolling pin or place heavyweight onto the panel to compress and ensure full contact.

– Apply heat from a hairdryer to warm up the panel and the velcro, enabling the adhesive to “run” or liquefy enough to seep into the panel for a better bond.

– Optionally, use 3M Primer 94 to prime the surface before sticking the adhesive-backed velcro into place. This promotes higher adhesion to the panel.


Mounting straps included on some packages. See “Mounting Hardware” page for more mounting options.

Hardware Mounting Kit can also be used to mount the RIP-M (rigid molle panel) using the pre-cut mounting holes and then securing with the provided fasteners and spacers.


Click here for MOLLE Pouches



Made for Horizontal Panel Applications such as JEEP tailgate, underneath Full Size Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan Trucks fold up back seats.

Material: High Strength Polyethylene

Weight: 25 ounces


Height: 15″

Width: 25.75″

Thickness: 0.188″


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