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RMP Fastening Kit™ – Self Drilling Screws + Nylon Spacers

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Hardware Mounting Kit – 8 Self Drilling Screws with Nylon Spacers

This hardware mounting kit comes with 8 Hex head self drilling screws and 1/4″ spacers. will allow you to mount your Rigid MOLLE Panels (RIP-M) to just about any solid surface. Vehicle Door Panels, Seat Frames, Safe Doors, Military Vehicle Body Panels, Pelican or Hard Cases, Recreational Vehicles etc.


Comes with 8 screws with neoprene padded washers and 8 nylon spacers.

Screw Head: 5/16″ Hex Drive Head

Screw Diameter: #12 (0.21″)

Screw Length: 1.50″

Screw Tip: Self Drilling

Screw Washer: Neoprene Padded Washer

Weight: 1.9 oz

Spacer Color: Black

Spacer Inside Diameter: 0.257″

Spacer Outside Diameter: 0.50″

Spacer Length: 0.25″


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