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Speakeasy Vault American Flag Gun Cabinet Safe


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Lock away your Fires Arms “Scotch” and “moonshine” with confidence.


Freedom Bar/ American Flag Gun Safe

with inlaid, polished Steel Flag


Locking & Accessory Options:

Foam Insert (secures items nice and snug)

Gas Shocks (opens both doors with just a push)

Keyed Locks (+ 2 sets of keys)

Invisible RFID Locking System + 2 key fobs

Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Lock (stores 20 different fingerprints)

The bottom tray has CNC cut cup holders for

Drinks, Bottles, and Shot Glasses.

The American flag is cut from 16 gauge, cold-rolled, mild steel (very strong), ground, polished, then covered in 3 layers of glossy clear coat.

The steel flag is inlaid in grooves and lies flush with the surface of the wood for an amazing 3-dimensional look.

Contents not included.

100% HAND MADE in Wisconsin, USA!

American Flag Gun Locking System.

Keyed Locks (+ 2 sets of keys)

Just your standard lock and key. Will come with 2 sets.

Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Lock

A biometric fingerprint scanning lock is the perfect addition to your Freedom Bar/ American Flag Safe. This high-security lock is easy to use and ensures that only you can access your firearms and liquor. You can store up to 20 different fingerprints.

Invisible RFID Locking System + 2 key fobs

The American flag safe comes with an invisible RFID locking system and 2 key fobs. The RFID locking system is very strong and will keep your items safe and secure. The key fobs are easy to use and make opening the safe quick and easy.

Hidden compartment

The hidden compartment on the American flag gun art is perfect for anything you wish to keep concealed in a room without shooting out here is a gun safe. You will be able to get to your guns quickly and easily.

Gas Shocks (opens both doors with just a push)

The gas shocks will open the safe without any noise and help to keep your guns and liquor safe. You can also lock them so no one else has access to them. This American flag gun vault is very strong and sturdy and should be able to protect your items from people and the elements.

MDF Wood Panels

All of our gun safes are made from the highest quality MDF wood panels on the market. This American flag gun vault is a plug and play, which means it comes plug in ready with an attached cord to power your lights. To complete this piece you will need a LED light kit. We have a variety of light kits to choose from so you can get the perfect one for your gun safe.

Of course, this American flag gun vault has everything you will need to keep all of your firearms and liquor secure and accessible with added extras like cup holders and an LED light kit. Make sure you put away anything valuable in your new American flag gun vault today.

Foam Insert

This piece comes with a foam insert to help you store all your firearms and liquor in their proper places. You can cut the foam if you need it thinner, but this will allow you to keep your items nice and snug.

Usually Ships

1-4 weeks manufacturing time. and ships right after. Since they are hand made it will take some time and we take extreme care with the products.


Home Decor

Using this American flag as home decor is a great idea. With some items, you can customize it to your liking. For example, you can remove the foam insert to make room for your guns or liquor. That is why it is perfect for storing handguns, rifles, shotguns, and other firearms. Not only that but it can be used to keep firearms out of the reach of young children while your wife is happy that the man cave looks awesome with your new flag.

Bedroom Decor

This American flag is cut from the same 16 gauge, cold-rolled steel used in our Premium Handgun Hangers and will not warp or bend like cheaper metal on the market. The back of this piece has a black finish to make it look clean and sleek. To top it all off they are hand polished to give them that shine. It is so lightweight, you can move it around with ease and hang it up wherever you want.


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