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Tactical Vehicle Molle Panel – 15.25in x 25in

  • Truck / Car Back Seat Organizer 
  • Molle Webbing Compatible 
  • Installs in minutes 
  • Won’t Sag
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Tactical Seat Back Organizer Panel

All Molle panels Found here.

The car seat organizer is designed to be a customize tactical molle organizer universal fit-able MOLLE panel that can be mounted inside a backpack, gun safe, case, vehicle, etc., to provide quick and organized access to your critical gear. This panel is designed for a car seat organizer. Mounting on the back of the truck, car, or SUV seat, the car seat back organizer will keep your car neat.

The molle webbing will fit any molle straps, and the panel will work on the front or back of the car seats and will fit under a truck seat, making this the most versatile car seat molle vehicle panel.

Military law enforcement First Responders and outdoorsman use

Designed for Military, Law Enforcement, First RespondersShooting SportsOutdoor sportspeople, and any pursuit requiring essential gear being organized and accessible when the moment is critical. (Accessories in photos are used for illustration only and are omitted).

Having your gear organized and really at hand can save your life and the life of others. More than once, we’ve had people say they were on a family trip when an emergence popped up and having all the gear in one spot let them react with a calmness that saved others’ lives—one of the reasons to have a car seat organizer.

Tactical Rigid Molle Panel( RIP-M)

The Grey Man Tactical panel line of products is built around Rigid MOLLE Panels designed to take the jumble of equipment you use on patrol, deployed, or in the field and keep everything organized and within easy reach. Whether it is your MRAP, patrol car, competition Pelican gear case, hunting backpack, or everyday carry bag, we all have the potential to suffer from a squirrel’s nest of gear clumping into a tangled pile.

Panels give users various universal-sized panels that fit on vehicle seatbacks, Pelican (or other) case lids, backpacks, and anywhere else you can think to mount them. With the ability to interface any of your MOLLE-compatible gear with the Rigid MOLLE Panel, your customization options for your mission are endless.

Most of our panels are currently made of HDPE polymer and feature a great blend of stiffness, durability, and flexibility, which offers a rigid mounting platform that shatters resistance. However, the same ductility that helps prevent shattering also allows some flexing and bowing when heavily loaded, which is undesirable in specific applications, such as on a vehicle seatback.

Molle Straps

When using a tactical seat organizer, it is essential to use straps. This will help keep the molle seat organizer in place and prevent it from moving around. We had straps that have d rings to go where the headrest is. As long as you have removable headrests, you can use this system.

Our seat organizer is perfect for molle gear and hunting gear. They go over the seat like seat covers, and you can use the molle pouches as inside pockets.

Molle Tactical Panel Solution

Our lineup’s single most popular product is the 15.25in x 25in with seat mounting straps and a rifle rack. Military, Law Enforcement, ranchers, and hunters commonly utilize this configuration to provide quick access weapon storage in addition to keeping other tools and gear within arms reach from the driver or rear seat. In this application, users found some bowing occurred when heavy loads were carried in the center of the panel constructed of HDPE polymer.

To reduce this flexing or bowing, we had the option of metal panels or a Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP). We chose to create an injection mold and utilize Glass Reinforced Polymer to upgrade the 15.25in x 25in Rigid MOLLE Tactical Panel to a much stiffer enhanced version now available as the “ – Heavy Duty – 15.25in x 25in”.

This version features benefits over metal versions with reduced retail price, lighter weight, no damage to weapons or other gear, and no corrosion concerns. With a simple no drilling / no tools installation and removal that can be completed in under 60 seconds, this storage system enables users to secure their weapons and gear without the trouble of permanent modifications to their vehicles.

Car Seat Back Organizer version molle seat back panel


Panels for Military, Hunters, Rancher, Off Roading, and Law Enforcement using molle webbing

With total production kicked off in October 2018, Grey Man Tactical will be offering this upgraded Heavy Duty GRP, car seat organizer for sale to the Military, Law Enforcement, and the public with various accessories. Already in use with a wide array of the United States and international military, federal law enforcement, and local law enforcement users, this is a combat and field-proven system for saving lives by decreasing reaction time when seconds count. Great for any off-road truck molle panel to keep your gear all in one place.


MOLLE Pouches are available.
To attach non-MOLLE/PALS compatible items to your RIP-M panel, use Grey Man Tactical Accessories such as:
Rifle Mount Clamps – Vehicle Rifle Rack
Toggle Quick Release Shock Cord
S.T.R.Ap Shockcord Tourniquet Retention Apparatus
Rifle/Multi-purpose straps
Velcro Cinch Straps
Seat Covers to Cover the back seat of your gear while out and is a waterproof material



Mounting straps sold as part of packages; see purchase options. See the “Mounting Hardware” page to buy mounting straps or hardware individually.

Mount to vehicles, storage cases, safe doors, inside backpack, etc., with the “RIP-M Hook & Loop Accessory Pack” or “Mounting Kit for RIP-M – Adjustable MOLLE 1 Inch Webbing Straps with Side Release Buckles”. Hardware can also mount the RIP-M using the pre-cut mounting holes and then securing with an appropriate fastener and spacers as needed.

Truck, SUV, Or Car Seat Location


Our seat organizer will fit most cars in many places in your vehicle.

Most vehicles that have wider than 15.25 inches by 25 inches are where you can mount this panel. To hang tight, we have two straps for removable headrests that will allow this seat organizer panel to hang. If your headrest isn’t removable, a strap goes around the top and bottom.

Locations to put the panel so it stays firm for your seat organizers

  • Truck, SUV, Car Seat back
  • Under SUV and Trucks Seats
  • Front of Seats
  • Drill mounts on side back of SUV
  • Trunk Mounts

The car seat back organizer

Will attach any molle pouches you have, and adding molle pouches is easy. It’s just like any other molle system out there. It is made with water proof material and designed to be car seat organizer. You can put anything you want on it.

Car messy with gear is something that you can’t have.

Gear your can attach to this version molle seat back panels.

  • Seat organizer
  • emergency kits
  • Gun locking rifle rack 
  • pocket knife
  • water bottle pouch
  • ammo pouch
  • flashlight pouch
  • First-aid packs
  • first aid kit
  • Large pocket
  • molle packs
  • Emt bags
  • Rifles
  • Axes
  • Survival Gear
  • Tactical Gear
  • Loop closure compartment with clips
  • Additional Gear to increase storage space
  • Vertical Rifle Mount

Versatile car seat tactical panel

You can add your personal touch and set it up as the panel is a universal fit. Stay organized, get the gear on the back seat, and enjoy the extra storage.

We cover the shipping costs of this product.

This is a heavy-duty seat organizer for the maximum storage capacity of tactical molle gear or rifles. Hang stuff and have no more worries about your tactical molle gear being on the floor. With enough stiffness, the lower straps will keep the panel from bending.




It was made for Vertical applications such as Vehicle / Truck / Patrol Car seat back mounting.

Material: High Strength Polyethylene

Panel Weight: 24.5 ounces each


Height: 25″

Width: 15.25″

Thickness: 0.188.”


Provide Anti scraping protection

Car seat organizer vehicles fit


  • Ford f-150, f-250, f-350
  • All Chevlorly
  • All Dodge
  • Toyota Tacoma, Tundras
  • All other trucks
  • All cars and SUVs with seats wider than 15 inches and longer than 25 inches.
(7 customer reviews)

7 reviews for Tactical Vehicle Molle Panel - 15.25in x 25in

  1. Matt Knight (verified owner)

    Love it, great quality and great customer service!

  2. Kyle Kingsbury (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Phenomenal gear, easy to set up, and built to last!

  3. Scott T. (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Great product, exactly what I was looking for!

    Image #1 from Scott T.
  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    It’s a pretty neat and secure system. So neat I ha to buy two.

  5. Michael Gengenbach (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Don’t like the bottom strap, double up the top straps for pushing through the seat. Would have been nice to get the 20% discount before my second order, be a long time before I order again.

    • ODSman (store manager)

      Sorry to hear about the straps, most people don’t have an issue with it. We don’t give out discounts so I’m not seeing where the 20% is coming from. I show this is your only order from us. I’m happy to do what is needed to make this right with you. I strive to have all customers to have a great purchased experience. Please let me know what I can do by emailing me at

  6. Jaron (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Excellent products! This rig was built like a tank, and was easy to install.

  7. Travis Petersen (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    The Tactile Vehicle Molle Panel is very convenient for organization and easy access to any gear that I need.

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