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Vehicle Locking Rifle Rack – Raptor Rail Buffer Tube Rack™ + 15.25 X 25 RMP™


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Vehicle Locking Rifle Rack

Everything you need to mount a modular locking rifle rack or shotgun rack onto any vehicle seat back with no drilling or permanent modifications to the vehicle. Can be installed into or removed from the vehicle in 1 minute.

What is included:

  • Rigid MOLLE Panel (RMP) – Heavy Duty – 15.25in x 25in
  • Black Loop Around 24″ Top or D-Ring Top  Mounting Straps and 48″ Bottom Mounting Strap to secure Rigid MOLLE Panel to the vehicle seatback

  • Black 1″ Webbing Carry Handle
  • Raptor Rail with three backer plates and bolts to secure to RMP
  • Raptor Buffer Tube Mount™ – Locking Rifle Rack
  • Raptor Muzzle Cup
  • Master Lock® 5/16″ Python Adjustable Locking Cable

Raptor Buffer Tube Mount – Locking Rifle Rack Description

The Raptor Buffer Tube  Mount™ “auto-locking” technology secures onto your firearm’s Buffer Tube, providing security and fast access to your rifle. Easily position the Raptor Buffer Tube Mount™ on your Rigid MOLLE Panel for an innovative way to securely mount and lock your firearm. Comes with a high-security tamper-proof keyed lock to prevent unauthorized access.

  • All Backer Plates and Hardware required for mounting to Rigid MOLLE Panel Included
  • Included Phillips screws & security screws with bit to install
  • Designed to mount to any Rigid MOLLE Panel
  • “Auto-locking” Technology. Simple push to “lock-in and lock-out”
  • Provides Innovative Quick Access
  • Made with Heavy Duty High-Tech Polymer and Stainless Steel
  • Rubberized Inserts for a Tight No-Slip Grip
  • High-Security Tamper-Proof Keyed Lock
  • Two (2) keyed alike barrel keys included


The Raptor Buffer Tube Mount secures to exposed buffer tube. Compatible with the following and many similar sized firearms:

  • AR-15 and M4 Style Rifles


Raptor Buffer Mount™ Specifications
Product Weight 0.5 lbs.
Shipping Weight 0.85 lbs.
Product Material High-Tech Polymer
Product Dimensions 3in x 3in x 4.25in
Holding Force Engineered for 500 lbs. Direct Pull*
Operating Temperature 10°F-110°F
Mounting Hardware x4 10-32 Security Screws

x4 10-32 Phillips Screws

Product Lock High-Security Tamper-Proof Keyed Lock
Designed Mount Mil-Spec Receiver Extension

Commercial Receiver Extension

Product Options Locking & Non-Locking

*500 lbs. pull force tested with Raptor Buffer Mount™ Locking with the stainless steel tubular lock engaged and weapon buffer tube meeting MIL-Specifications. Weapon was additionally secured with a Raptor Barrel Bracket™ mounted on a Raptor Rail™ which was secured to an approved substrate.  The Force was distributed evenly between the Raptor Picatinny Mount™ and Raptor Barrel Bracket™, and the force was applied as a pulling force with no intended torque component.


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