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ViperSharp Professional Knife Sharpening System

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Complete ViperSharp system

  1. Base (choice between cutting board and Quartz)
  2. Upright assembly including outer sleeve, riser, clamp receiver)
  3. Clamp assembly
  4. Stone carriage

Leather Strop

All hardware

Plano GunGuard Case


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A Professional Knife Sharpening System

Since 2016 ViperSharp has offered advances in the knife sharpening industry with more precision in your hands for sharpening your blades. We continue to enhance all parts of the product to offer you the best professional knife sharpening system on the market. The ViperSharp was not the first guided knife sharpening system to be created but we very may well be the last that you will ever need.

With this product option you can now select what combinations of stones you desire for your situation. Every set ordered here will include the Strop by default. The only variations are the stones that you add to the system.

Choose to simply order the ViperSharp Knife Sharpener System with the 5 Ceramic stones and strop. This kit comes with the cutting board base. If you like the ceramic stone option but want a knife sharpener with a solid heavy base you can order that with the stone base upgrade.

Or you may prefer to select the diamond sharpening system. This version of the ViperSharp Knife Sharpener will include 4 Diamond sharpening stones from coarse to extra fine. This sharpening system also includes the stone base and comes with a leather strop.

If you want all that the ViperSharp Knife Sharpener system can offer you can select to get the combination of both the ceramic and diamond hones giving you the most flexibility when sharpening your knives. This will give you a truly Professional Knife Sharpening System that will allow you to achieve great results.


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