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Steel Stiffener Bar for 15.25in x 25in Rigid


Steel Stiffener Bar for Rigid MOLLE Panel

These are made to order and take about a week to ship from the order date.

While our Rigid MOLLE Panels are Rigid, some of the larger panels have enough surface to load down with a pretty heavy load out. In this case you may have some flex/bowing in your panel. If you want to stiffen things up for heavy weight loads, get one or two of these bolt on metal stiffeners with pre-stamped holes that match up directly with the holes on the long side of the panel. Comes with all necessary screws to mount to the panel.


1 Stiffener Bar

All necessary screws


Refund notice


Steel Stiffener Bar:

Bar Height: 21.5 in

Bar Width: 0.75 in

Bar Thickness: 10 gauge / 0.135 in

Weight: 10.5 oz




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